Mariel Hemingway writes her way through chronic depression and pain in a new memoir of her teenage years. Her journey is an all too common one for many teens and young adults – but by sharing her struggles and coping strategies, she seeks to give inspiration to others.

depression in teensHemingway, our April cover celebrity, might be best known for her iconic grandfather, author Ernest Hemingway. But ask her what her most successful accomplishment is, and she will tell you it is the inner peace she’s gained after battling years of chronic depression and pain. Hemingway writes candidly from the point of view of her teenage self about how she learned to cope with her abusive and addictive parents and the cloud of depression and pain that plagued her family.

Her Newest Writing Endeavor

Hemingway, actor turned writer, has written many self-help books, but she says she wrote her book, Invisible Girl, for teens and young adults, “because that’s (the age) when I was the most scared, and also when I was the most confused. A lot of kids don’t know that there’s somebody out there that gets it. You don’t know it’s not normal. I thought that when parents fought and there was broken glass and blood on the wall, that you cleaned it up because this was your job.” Despite the stigma of mental illness and how far many go to hide it, Hemingway feels her stories and others like them are very common.

One Foot in Front of the Other

The first step to recovery is to talk about it, according to Hemingway. “There’s a tremendous amount of shame around mental illness and suicide. It was empowering to tell my own story. No one else has lived this life but me and I need to take responsibility for it. When we are willing to be open with our lives, we are able to mold our own lives,” she states.  Writing a book in a diary form allowed for this kind of openness.

Finding Her Own Way

Hemingway, like many who have battled depression or a chronic illness, has experienced a lifetime of pain.  She speaks openly about her family’s history, and how she has learned to take time for herself and find out what makes her happy. Hemingway declares that people have to make time to make themselves important and find strategies that help their well-being. Eating, resting and exercise in moderation are helpful to everyone.

Connecting With Others

“Everyone has struggles and dark times in their lives,” says Hemingway. She hopes that by writing her books, she is helping others find coping strategies, especially teens and young adults, who are facing the same demons and depression. “Living with pain is so debilitating,” Hemingway adds. “I really want to help people find a way to find joy.” Depression in teens – or adults – for whatever reason is something that does not have to steal a person’s life of peace and happiness. Invisible Girl may be the first step in helping many realize that they are not alone and that they can overcome their challenges, as Hemingway has.

depression in teens

Invisible Girl along with Hemingway’s other inspiring books are available for purchase online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s.  You can learn more about Hemingway and her other books on her website at: