The maze of cancer management is daunting for both suffering patients and caregivers. Tory Zellick experienced this first-hand as a caregiver for her late mother, who developed breast cancer when Zellick was just 18 years old. With this diagnosis, Zellick’s life was turned upside down. She went from being a carefree college student to the primary caregiver for her mother as she battled her illness. There was no instruction manual for how to maneuver the medical system or deal with the lifestyle change that came with such a diagnosis – Zellick and her family simply had to figure it out on their own.

After helping her mother face this battle for almost seven years, Zellick found herself wondering how she could have done better.  The result of this reflection is a book titled The Medical Day Planner: The Guide to Help Navigate the Medical Maze, where Zellick has created a step-by-step guide for tackling the care of oneself or a loved one, regardless of the medical condition. Zellick not only provides detailed instructions for action steps, but explanations for why steps should be taken, helpful tips and fill-in-the-blank pages for recording information. The Medical Day Planner is quickly becoming the “bible” for caregivers.

Read a first-hand account of Tory Zellick’s life-changing experience on A Women’s Health. The Medical Day Planner is sold on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Reviews on Amazon are outstanding, with, as of the writing of this article, 26 out of 27 reviewers giving her book five stars!

Tory Zellick currently writes a blog for The Huffington Post, has appeared on top media outlets and is on a nationwide speaking tour where she shares her experience as a means of helping others.





“With its easy-to-use layout, clear organization, and overall convenience, this book removes unnecessary stress away from one’s medical journey.” – Jenny Labaw, Reebok-sponsored CrossFit athlete, epilepsy patient