We asked if music has an impact on your anxiety or decreases the level of your pain. Here are some of your great responses and insights from our Facebook page:

“Music can carry you far away from your pain, just as meditation can.” – Sarah Tait

“Music relaxes me, whether I’m listening to it or performing it. I am sure it helps my pain level to some extent.” – Lora Silsbee

“Music has always been an integral part of my life, whether as a participant or observer. I have a repertoire of numbers which are mood busters for me! Music is the one element I can always turn to when in need! – Cindy Robinson

“Music calms me down and helps me relax so I can take my mind off the pain I have 24/7.” – Bart Cohen

“Music is a great way to calm down the nervous system. It helps you to use different senses and distracts you from the emotions of pain. You can escape with it, but it really teaches us so many things. Living with RSD has been challenging and music has become wonderfully timeless any time.” – Tracy Zuckerman

“I have tried to listen to music, but it hasn’t helped me. When I listen to music it makes my mind race a mile a minute, which is another problem I seem to have and don’t understand.” – Tasha Oldham

“I have found that when I am very anxious I like to listen to rock, and I like it loud! It has a way of calming me down. However, when my pain is really high, I listen to classical or meditation music instead, which helps to somewhat calm my pain.” – Jennifer DeDecker

“It is a great distraction and helps me get to sleep.” – Paula Boxall

“Having lived with CRPS for the last six years, I have learned that music, no matter the type, does in fact help. Music has helped me cope on some very bad days. I’ve never felt anxiety in regards to pain. I have learned to live with it. Music is the gateway to the soul and helps me to relax and find a happy place when the pain level rises to the point where I feel ready to cry.” – Brita Smith Skinner

Please comment below and let us know how music impacts you.