Manage My Pain Pro

Managing Your Pain: There’s an App for That!

If it’s a challenge to keep track of your pain in order to share details with your physician, technology can make your life a little easier. There are many pain management apps available. Here are some that may be helpful:

Manage My Pain Pro for Android – records, tracks, analyzes and shares your symptoms and information – $3.99 (Lite version is free.)

My Pain Diary: Chronic Pain Management for iPhone – provides simple options such as rating your pain on a scale from 0 to 10, descriptions, triggers and ability to correlate symptoms to the current weather – $6.99 (Lite version is free.)

Chronica Pain Management

Click here to view a specialized version of My Pain Diary, configured for headache tracking with additional features such as a head map, duration and symptoms.

WebMD Pain Coach for iPhone – allows you to track symptoms, set goals and share data with physicians – Free

Chronica Pain Management for iPhone – records your pain levels, medications and treatments and was created by someone living with chronic pain – $2.99

Chronic Pain Tracker  for iPhone & iPad – 13 unique Diary Trackers including visual pain location mapping. Generates PDF summary reports for your doctor – $9.99

Chronic Pain Tracker

Chronic Pain Tracker

These apps
make pain management easier, but there are many other apps that might be useful to you – everything from back relief (including yoga poses) to sleep hypnosis to muscle trigger points.

Leave us a comment to let us know which apps have been helpful to you and why.