Summer fruits are some of the sweetest. It’s a great time of year to load up on cherries, blueberries and watermelon. What if these delicious fruits could also help reduce your pain?

Research shows that some common healthy foods may help improve chronic pain. Certain foods ease aches by fighting inflammation, blocking pain signals, and even healing underlying disease. It may not be easy, but if you stay committed to a good nutrition plan, you may be able to say goodbye to pain. Are there certain foods that help your pain? We recently asked our Facebook fans and here’s what they had to say about pain relief foods:

Cherries work wonders!” – Thania P.

“In the summer months I’m almost pain free. I live on a diet of cherries, coconut water, watermelon, salmon and fresh vegetables. I love going to the beach with a good book and some cherries. I can lay there for hours.” – Joan S.

“Everything that reduces inflammation is on my list these days for lowering my pain and increasing my health and happiness too. Citrus fruits, olive oil, wild caught salmon, Indian foods for the turmeric and even coconut water [are some of the foods I eat]. I’m not sure if it’s just due to electrolytes or what, but BOY is it a help with the all-over swelling that greatly increases my pain.” – Heather G.

DARK CHOCOLATE! I still insist that dark chocolate helps relieve pain! It’s all in how the brain perceives the input…a.k.a. FOOD! The brain is made up of cells called neurons. These cells have nerve endings called synapses and dendrites. Nerve endings release chemical and electrical stimuli to communicate with each other. This brain communication forms neuro-pathways in the brain and is the basis for how the brain works. All this is done for both GOOD and BAD in the brain but outside stimuli can be used to affect the outcome of the issue within the brain.”  – Paul J.

Here are some more suggestions and you’ll like #2! Which foods have proven beneficial for you? Comment below.

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