2014 Fall


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Barby Ingle on Living with CRPS 14
SPECIAL Featured stories on Neuromodulation
10 Things to Know about Neuromodulation 4
Neuromodulation Explained 20
Stimulating Relief: Managing Back Pain through Neuromodulation 24
Pain Relief Goes High Tech: Leading-Edge Technology that Changes Lives 28
What is OIC? Opioid-Induced Constipation 32
Physician Spotlight: Rethinking Opioids 40
Pain Quiz: Spinal Cord Stimulation & More 44
Caregiver Series: Balancing Your Day Job with Caregiving 48
The Power of Advocacy: Creating a Pain Awareness Event 50
Integrative Therapies: What Happens in Vagus (the Nerve), How Yoga Reduces Pain 52
Focus on Wellness: Pain & Family 56


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