Have you ever felt completely hopeless while living with RSD? If so, what sustains you and motivates you to be your own best advocate?

Paula Abdul

Yes, I’ve had those awful dark days. Ultimately, deep in my heart of hearts, I have always believed there’s got to be more to life than this pain. The pain alone cannot be the beginning, middle and end … the final destination.

I focus on remembering how much I love to dance, and on my passion for music, and for nurturing and discovering new talent. That has proved to be a great source of comfort and hope in my darkest despair. Knowing that I had these passions — that’s what allowed me to continue to fight the fight no matter what it took. Also, being open to trying many different types of treatments really sustained me. It was my being open to all the possibilities that led me to meet esteemed doctors in different fields, one of them being Dr. Pedro. Also, Dr. Daniel Wallace has been my longtime doctor in Los Angeles. He monitors my bone density.

I met Dr. Pedro at the end of December. He pointed out to me that part of my autonomic nervous system wasn’t doing its job; he made it more efficient, and I was without pain for two months.

When I went back to L.A., however, I immediately returned to my rigorous lifestyle.  It was like having a broken leg — as soon as the cast was off, I was running a marathon! I didn’t allow for any “ramping up” time between my treatments with Dr. Pedro and my coming back to L.A. So after two months of being without pain, some of my discomfort crept back again, and I needed to get back to Dr. Pedro.  In my case, I need intermittent maintenance to lessen the probability of my symptoms recurring.