We asked you to share what works for you, and we thank you for your many great responses on our Facebook page. Here are some of your thoughts:

“Just breath and get through this moment, this too shall pass” – Cathy Huffine Vadney

“Finally going to pain management and getting the help I needed” – Mitzi Haith Lambeth

“Ketamine, when used by the right doctor, can make a huge difference in RSD pain” – Liz Knight Scribe

“Mindfulness training” – Patty Johnstone

“Knowing I’m not alone” – Julianna Renee

“Early retirement was the way to go” – Valerie Biscardi

“Using magnets really helped. I wish that I would have known about them before all of the operations.” – Kerry Smith

“Think positively for positive results” – Tom Rucker

“My mind can do only one thing at a time, so I distract myself from the pain” – Jennifer E. Webert

“K-Laser therapy” – Bethany Gamble

“Try not to let it run my life” – Sisler Augusta

“Attitude is 90 percent of the battle” – Lee Rosevear

“Less stress, healthier eating, stretching and mild yoga do wonders!” – Heather Maves

We invite you to share your tips and stories with us. Our goal is help all of readers and followers in our shared pain community.