5 Reasons to Take Advantage of this Gift

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5 Reasons to Take Advantage of this Gift

Whether you or someone you love suffers from a chronic pain condition, you deserve all of the benefits that a PainPathways magazine subscription has to offer. And if you only follow us on social media or our website, you aren’t getting ALL of the great insights that you can!

So we’re offering a year of PainPathways for a 25% discount, in honor of the holiday season. Here’s why the gift of PainPathways makes sense – for yourself or someone else in your life:

  1. You’ll be on the front line of learning of medical advances and healing options that include integrative medicine, pharmacological & procedural approaches to pain management.
  2. It opens doors to a whole world of pain support organizations…accessible in one location.
  3. Every issue offers inspiration and hope through stories written about our readers.
  4. It’s a place to discover real answers employed by real pain sufferers to share with family, friends and providers.
  5. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving, as the recipient of your gift will be remembered anew, four times a year as their magazines arrive!

So subscribe NOW using our discount code 2016FB25%.

Don’t delay – the perfect gift for your loved one (or yourself) is only available at a discount through December 30!

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