What’s the one aspect of pain management you think is NOT talked about enough?

We asked you to share your thoughts, and we thank you for your many great responses on our Facebook page. Here’s what some of you had to say:

“How difficult it is to get correct care in the ER, and how to avoid being labeled as a drug seeker or Munchausen.” – Liz Knight Scribe

“Some general practitioners do not follow their state guidelines and deny proper care to their patients or even refuse to see patients with chronic pain. If they do not wish to prescribe opiate medication, then refer to pain management.” – Marianne Marden

“Being over medicated” – Deanne Crash Angeloni

“I think in ALL of medicine, but definitely in pain management – bedside manner!” – Kerry Adams

“How those of us with chronic pain can help our caregivers cope. My husband feels helpless and frustrated with his inability to ‘fix me.’ I don’t want him to experience what I do, but I don’t want to constantly tell him how I’m feeling or have him ask.” – Shelley Goodge

“In my experience, people don’t like to talk about pain. I get it, but sometimes I need support.” – Cindy Snyder

“That treating it very aggressively right off the bat allows for a better outcome. Boy, do I wish we had been told that.” – Lisa Rogers Flaherty

“How there are millions of people in this country who have neuropathic pain conditions or CRPS/RSD and there are no effective medications or treatments!” – Merryl Werber Thompson

“I have found that psychological support can really lack for chronic pain patients. I am very lucky to have found a pain psychologist that is wonderful and really seems to get it!” – Jennifer DeDecker

“Post-stroke pain” – Tom Rucker

“I wish there was someone who could take a patient, in the earliest of stages of pain, and walk with us and help guide us through it all. Often times I have experienced doctors who don’t have a lot of time to talk about the total picture.” – Kerry Smith

We invite you to share your tips and stories with us. Our goal is help all of readers and followers in our shared pain community.