Life has changed dramatically since we last spoke to J.R. Martinez.  In the early part of this year, he spoke with us as he eagerly awaited the arrival of his first child.  Now, Lauryn Anabelle, whom he calls ‘Belle’, has taken center-stage, with Martinez enjoying the blessings of fatherhood.  Recently, Martinez took a few moments away from diaper changes, marathon training and more to give us an update on his ever-changing life.

PP:  When we spoke in spring, you were awaiting the arrival of your daughter. How has life changed since her birth? 

Martinez:  Now, everything revolves around her schedule. The biggest change has been that because time does fly so fast, you really have to appreciate and cherish each and every moment. And in my life, I’ve rarely done that because when I’ve accomplished one thing, I’ve always moved on to the next thing. I’d never taken the time to really appreciate the moment.  

PP:  This will be baby Belle’s first Christmas.  What will you do to celebrate – any traditions you plan to start?

Martinez:  We plan to buy her a lot of wrapping paper because she will really enjoy that as a seven month old! We’d like to start a tradition where we each make an ornament every year to hang on the tree. Of course this year, she might need some help from us. 

PP:  Congratulations on your book release last month–what kind of response have you received from readers?

Martinez:  Easy read, powerful, inspiring. I keep hearing those words over and over again. People love hearing about my whole journey, not just what they’d come to know from TV. Not to mention that it also made the New York Times Bestsellers list. I’m very lucky. 

PP:  People say the writing process is cathartic.  What was that process like for you? 

Martinez:  Those people are right. It absolutely was cathartic. 

PP:  We heard you were planning to run the NYC marathon.  With that event cancelled, have you put another athletic endeavor on your agenda?

Martinez:  Yes. (laughs) I’d like to just get back on the treadmill, period. My goal is to get back into the gym, as I have not done much since the cancellation of the marathon. 

PP:  2013 – With so many options, what will we see or hear from J.R. Martinez?

Martinez:  You’ll see the same guy you’ve always seen. I plan to go back and focus on the entertainment industry. I’d like to see what opportunities are available to me, both on the acting side and the creative side. 


J.R. Martinez is an actor, motivational speaker, army veteran and author. His book Full of Heart: My Story of Survival, Strength and Spirit, published by Hyperion was out on October 30th. It has already made the New York Times Best Sellers List.  You can connect with Martinez at, follow him at Twitter@iamjrmartinez and become a fan at

Photo credit:  Courtesy of J.R. Martinez