PainPathways Magazine Kicks Off a “14-Day Heart Healthy Challenge” in Support of American Heart Month.

February is American Heart Month. To bring awareness, PainPathways Magazine is encouraging readers to skip the sugar on Valentine’s Day and show some love by staying heart healthy.

All month, PainPathways will provide articles and daily motivation about the risks and symptoms for heart disease and stroke, and share tips for staying healthy while managing chronic pain.

Starting February 15th, PainPathways will kick off a “14-Day Heart Healthy Challenge,” encouraging readers who live with chronic pain to engage in heart-healthy habits. The challenge will include information, activities and great giveaways that emphasize healthy eating habits, effective and safe exercise routines and practical stress management tools.

“We know exercise is a key component to a healthy heart, but staying active is difficult when you have chronic pain,” says Amy Taylor North, senior managing editor of PainPathways. “This 14-day challenge offers us a chance to share easy, safe ways our readers can guard against heart disease and stroke.”

For more information on staying fit with chronic pain, join the challenge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more information about risk factors for heart disease or stroke, visit the American Heart Association at

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Shon Gilmore, Communications Director


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